Our Package

At Training Resource Solutions, we offer high quality training resources and assessment tools, which will save the training organisation time, expense and the frustration of resource and assessment tool development!

Our training and assessment materials have been developed based upon our own experience, validation and feedback from our customers. The package provides a very comprehensive range of documents that are easy to use, providing a strong base for your training system. You will need to choose which assessment materials suit your situation and your students and incorporate these into your own training and assessment strategy; all the basics are there for you, you just need to make sure this fits your system and your students. It’s as easy as picking up our editable assessment tools and supporting material and contextualising it to the needs of your training circumstance and specific cohort of students or using them as they are.

In addition to developing the initial resource and supporting tools for each unit, we continue to keep up with industry changes, legislation amendments, adjustments to the training package as well as any change in compliance needs – at no extra cost to your business! As we print to order, updates and changes are available instantly to all of our clients.

By choosing to use Training Resource Solution’s training and assessment resources, you can concentrate on developing sales, providing quality training and building your business, rather than wasting time on resource development.

All of our training materials have been developed in accordance with the relevant national training package and meets the elements, performance criteria, required skills & knowledge and the critical aspects of assessment for each unit of competence.