Support Material

In conjunction with each student resource, supporting material is also supplied for use for the unit. Most of these documents are supplied electronically via our online moodle system in order to be edited or contextulised to suit the needs of your organisation.

Written assessment

This document is not supplied electronically and will be printed with the student resource. The written assessment is in the form of short answer questions to test the students’ theory knowledge. Can be used as an assignment for students to complete in their own time or as a formal written test.

Student Presentation

This assessment is designed for each student to research a particular aspect of the unit and deliver a 5-10 minute oral presentation to the class and write a brief description on the topic. This assessment is designed to gain the students’ knowledge in the areas as developing their research, presentation and foundation skills, while promoting class participation.

Oral question report

A tool designed for trainers/assessors to ask structured and consistent questions relating to the unit in order to assess the performance evidence and knowledge evidence . This tool can give students who have difficulties with LLN the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the unit.

Supervisor report

The intention of this report is to provide the assessor with details of the tasks the candidate performs in the workplace and the views of the supervisor on the skills and knowledge of the candidate.

Demonstration report

The object of this document is for the trainer/assessor to collect evidence via observation or demonstration in either a real life or simulated environment and to record that evidence.

Benchmark report answers

Standard benchmark answers have been recorded for the oral question report, supervisor report and observation/ demonstration report. Utilising this document assists in achieving consistency across trainers/assessors in the organisation and gives them a point of reference.

PowerPoint Presentation

A Microsoft PowerPoint document to support quality training. Based upon the content in the student resource, they are short summaries to support the trainer’s

Unit marking guide

A document for the trainer/assessor to use in order to mark the student as competent or not yet competent against the elements, performance evidence and knowledge evidence.

Teacher guide

This editable document is a basis for the trainer/assessor to gather an understanding of what is required of the unit of competence, delivery and assessment suggestions, marking guides as well as further additional resources to support the unit.

Template lesson plan

A generic template document for organisations to use in assisting them to create a lesson plan for the unit of competence. This template is divided between sessions of 3 and a half hours, includes PowerPoint and assignment guides.


Our mapping document maps the student resource and all assessment documents (to each assessment question) to the elements, performance evidence, knowledge evidence and performance evidence.

As this document is provided to you in word, you are able to remove forms of assessment you don’t use as well as having the option to add in your own assessment activities to our mapping document.

Version control register

The version control register enables you to view what documents have had changes to them as well as when the document was last changed and a brief description of what changes have been made.

Changes may be anything from minor spelling corrections, legislation and content updates or complete rewrites of content

Sample answers – activities

Sample answers for the trainer/assessor to refer to for the formative activities within the student resource.

Sample answers – assignment

Sample answers for the trainer/assessor to refer to for the summative assignment within the student resource.

Sample answers – written assessment

Sample answers for the trainer/assessor to refer to for the written assessment.