FSK Foundation Skills Training Package

A selection of basic education units are available.

Current units available:

FSKLRG01 Prepare to participate in a learning environment

FSKLRG02 Identify strategies to respond to basic workplace problems

FSKLRG03 Use basic strategies for career planning

FSKLRG06 Participate in work placement

FSKLRG07 Use strategies to identify job opportunities

FSKLRG08 Use simple strategies for work-related learning

FSKLRG09 Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems

FSKLRG10 Use routine strategies for career planning

FSKLRG11 Use routine strategies for work-related learning


FSKOCM02 Engage in basic spoken exchanges at work

FSKOCM03 Participate in simple spoken interactions at work

FSKOCM07 Interact effectively with others at work


FSKDIG01 Use digital technology for basic workplace tasks

FSKDIG02 Use digital technology for simple workplace tasks

FSKDIG03 Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks


FSKNUM08 Identify and use whole numbers and simple fractions, decimals and percentages for work

FSKNUM09 Identify, measure and estimate familiar quantities for work

FSKNUM14 Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and percentages for work

FSKNUM15 Estimate, measure and calculate routine metric measurements for work


FSKWTG06 Write simple workplace information

FSKWTG09 Write routine workplace texts


FSKRDG07 Read and respond to simple workplace information

FSKRDG10 Read and respond to routine workplace information