NEW – SIR Retail Services Training Package 

Units for SIR10116, SIR20216, SIR30216 and SIR40316 now available.

Contact our office to submit your unit requests, additional electives still under development.

Current units available:

(old package can still be purchased if required)

SIRXCEG001 Engage the customer

SIRXCEG002 Assist with customer difficulties

SIRXCEG003 Build customer relationships and loyalty

SIRXCEG004 Create a customer-centric culture


SIRXCOM001 Communicate in the workplace to support team and customer outcomes

SIRXCOM002 Work effectively in a team

SIRXCOM003 Promote team cohesion


SIRXIND001 Work effectively in a service environment

SIRXIND002 Organise and maintain the store environment

SIRXIND003 Organise personal work requirements

SIRXIND004 Plan a career in the retail industry

SIRXIND005 Develop personal work productivity


SIRXPDK001 Advise on products and services

SIRXPDK002 Advise on food products and services


SIRXRSK001 Identify and respond to security risks

SIRXRSK002 Maintain store security


SIRXWHS001 Work safely

SIRXWHS002 Contribute to workplace health and safety

SIRXWHS003 Maintain workplace safety

SIRRFSA001 Handle food safely in a retail environment

SIRRFSA002 Supervise a food safety program


SIRRINV001 Receive and handle retail stock

SIRRINV002 Control stock


SIRRMER001 Produce visual merchandising displays

SIRRMER002 Merchandise food products

SIRRMER003 Coordinate visual merchandising activities


SIRXSLS001 Sell to the retail customer

SIRXSLS002 Follow point-of-sale procedures

SIRXSLS003 Achieve sales results


SIRRRTF001 Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal

SIRRRTF002 Monitor Retail Store Financials


SIRWSLS002 Analyse and achieve sales targets

SIRWSLS003 Build sales of branded products


SIRXHWB001 Maintain personal health and wellbeing

SIRXHWB002 Promote workplace health and wellbeing


SIRXTAD001  Train others in frontline tasks


SIRXDLV001  Deliver food products


SIRXMKT001  Support marketing and promotional activities


SIRXHRM001  Recruit, select and induct team members

SIRXHRM002 Maintain employee relations


SIRXMGT001 Supervise and support frontline team members

SIRXMGT002 Lead a front line team


SIRRSTY001 Style the customer