A Certificate II in Pizza Operations?

A Certificate II in Pizza Operations?

Is it time that our VET system became creative and expanded our thoughts about who can undertake training and what it can deliver? Let’s look at the humble pizza and see what we can do there! Pizza is a big part of the hospitality industry and there are many businesses that are built around pizza and many hospitality workers who view themselves as ‘Pizza Professionals’.

Because pizza is not a single uniform item and is often so much more than just a cheap takeaway food item. There are classic Neapolitan pizza, Chicago-style deep dish pizza, New York-style foldable pizza, Sicilian think sponge pizza, wood-fired pizza, there are calzones, there are traditional flavors, there are new flavor combinations and there are now even dessert pizzas. Just getting the dough right is a skill in itself. We can add to that all the side dishes that are served in pizza-themed restaurants and add some basics of pasta dishes, then we have enough there to offer a Certificate II in Pizza Operations. Over time, and with industry participation this could even be developed into a Certificate III qualification.

This would offer those in the hospitality industry that take pizza seriously a chance to really train workers for pizza operations and would also offer already qualified cooks and chefs an opportunity to undergo professional development in pizza operations.

The idea is not as crazy as you might think, it has the potential to invigorate and develop an important and popular sector of the hospitality industry and its an example of VET being led by demand and industry rather than industry being dictated to by the VET sector.

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