TRS for Businesses

Elevate your team with custom online training and pre-made courses. 

Our world-class course creation tool, allows you to quickly transform existing documents, presentations and outdated policies and procedures into a powerful, mobile responsive learning experience.

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Boost Team Skills with Tailored Online Solutions

Looking to level up your team’s skills with some in-house training, onboard staff and get them up to date with your businesses policies and procedures quickly, or need online courses customised just for you? We’ve got your back! Our online training platform includes a powerful tool for creating your own online courses hassle-free.

You can even utilise our wide range of existing pre-made courses, covering everything from basic business skills to industry-specific know-how. Let us help you boost your team’s abilities and drive your business to new heights with our top-notch online training resource solutions.

Onboarding made easy

First days can be tough, right? Well, not anymore! With our structured training program, you can onboard new employees like a breeze. Get them up to speed in no time, keep them engaged, and set them up for success right from the start.

Make use of our huge range of ready-to-train courses

Don't worry if you're short on time creating courses. We've got you covered! Our wide range of courses covers everything from work, health and safety to leadership, so there's something for every aspect you want to improve within your team and business.

A little touch of magic

Created your own courses but think they could do with just an extra touch of magic? We can step in and touch up your created courses so that they are absolutely perfect for your team to begin to train with.

Provide detailed training

The more time you can spend creating training videos, the more it will save you time in the long run. Your team then have access to the training on-demand so they can learn anytime if they have a training gap or need a refresher. Detailed operational training could be department-specific, role-specific or venue-specific.

TRS for Businesses Features

Business Case Studies


3806 Brewing

Berwick’s first microbrewery – Craft beer, fresh food, and genuine mateship.


Flow & Co. Pilates

Reformer Pilates Studios – Multiple locations with a love of health and wellness.

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