Thirty Eight O Six


Thirty Eight O Six brings a culinary experience with beer, mateship and food that leaves their guests smiling, refreshed and wanting to come back for more. They have created a space that is primarily focused on producing and selling high quality craft beers paired with a fresh and seasonal menu which is locally sourced.

The Challenge

Thirty Eight O Six, known for its craft beers and delicious food, faced several challenges in its training processes. The primary concerns included the need for increased efficiency, maintaining consistent training quality across teams, and the ability to monitor and track the progress of team members.

With a growing workforce and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Thirty Eight O Six recognised the necessity for a streamlined and scalable training solution.

The Solution

Thirty Eight O Six partnered with Training Resource Solutions to implement a tailored online training platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry, with a focus on brewery operations.

The platform addressed the challenges by offering features such as:

The Implementation

The implementation of the online training platform for 3806 involved several key steps:

Needs Assessment

We conducted a thorough needs assessment to understand the unique requirements of Thirty Eight O Six, shaping the development of customised online training courses.

Platform Customisation

The platform was customised to align with the Thirty Eight O Six’s brand and training objectives, ensuring a seamless integration with existing processes.

Employee Onboarding

A comprehensive onboarding program was conducted to familiarize brewery staff with the online training platform, covering navigation, course access, and progress tracking.

Ongoing Support

We provided continuous support, including regular check-ins, troubleshooting assistance, and updates to the platform to meet evolving training needs.


The Results

By embracing the online training platform and training courses tailored to Thirty Eight O Six, they successfully addressed their challenges, achieving efficiency, consistency, and cost-effectiveness in its training processes, whilst at the same time, making training fun and engaging!

The implementation of the online training platform yielded significant positive outcomes for Thirty Eight O Six:

Improved Training Efficiency

Team members reported increased efficiency in their onboarding and ongoing training processes, leading to quicker adaptation to brewery operations.

Consistency Across Teams

The standardized training courses ensured a consistent level of knowledge and service quality across all departments and locations

Reduction in Training Costs

The shift to online training resulted in a noticeable reduction in training-related expenses, including time, materials, and logistics.

Measurable Impact on Performance

Thirty Eight O Six observed enhanced team member performance, as reflected in improved customer satisfaction, quicker task execution, and heightened knowledge retention.

What the Thirty Eight O Six team say

These testimonials from key stakeholders at Thirty Eight O Six highlight the positive impact of our online training platform and customisable training courses. The feedback underscores the platform’s ease of use, effectiveness in addressing specific industry needs, and overall satisfaction among the roles within Thirty Eight O Six.

Lachie Fyfe, Owner/Head Brewer

“The online training platform from TRS has revolutionized our onboarding and in-house training process. The brilliance of the authoring tool that has enabled us to create awesome looking training courses as well as having Callan create and customise a couple of our courses based off our original training documents to make them even better. The ease of use has made training our team a seamless experience. We’ve seen a remarkable improvement in the efficiency of bringing new team members up to speed.”

Hannah Rowe, Venue Manager

“As someone overseeing customer interactions, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in our service consistency. The standardised training ensures that every team member, regardless of their role, has a solid understanding of our products and values. This has translated directly into enhanced customer satisfaction.”

The Conclusion

Thirty Eight O Six’s adoption to their fully customised online training platform from us has proven to be a resounding success, marking a transformative journey in their approach to team member onboarding and upskilling. The tailored solution addressed critical challenges faced by the brewery, leading to a host of benefits and improvements.

The success story underscores the effectiveness of a tailored online training platform and training courses in meeting the specific needs of Thirty Eight O Six. The partnership between Thirty Eight O Six and TRS not only addressed challenges but also positioned Thirty Eight O Six for continued growth and excellence in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape.

The positive outcomes achieved stand as a testament to the power of strategic training solutions in driving operational success and employee development within Thirty Eight O Six.

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