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Tiffany & Sarah started Flow & Co. Pilates with the sole purpose to share their love of health and wellness, between them they have over 28 years of experience within the fitness industry, this has allowed them to explore many areas. Through all these years of learning and listening to our clients, they felt it wasn’t just about the “fitness” it’s about helping clients feel happy from the inside out, a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.

Flow & Co. Pilates is a prominent Pilates studio with three locations, catering to a diverse clientele seeking holistic wellness through Pilates practice. With a reputation for excellence in instruction and a commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment, Flow & Co. Pilates stands as a leader in the industry.

The Challenge

Flow & Co. Pilates, a thriving Pilates business with three separate studios, faced challenges in efficiently onboarding new staff and upskilling existing instructors, particularly with a predominantly young casual workforce aged between 18 to 24. The expansion to a new studio offering Hot Mat Pilates further intensified the need for streamlined training processes across all locations to ensure consistency in instruction quality and client experience.

Flow & Co. Pilates faced several challenges in meeting their training needs:

The Solution

Training Resource Solutions introduced a tailor-made online training platform to meet Flow & Co. Pilates’ specific needs, effectively tackling these challenges head-on.

The platform’s key features included:

The Implementation process included:

Thorough Needs Assessment

Training Resource Solutions conducted a comprehensive assessment to grasp Flow & Co.’s unique requirements, informing the development of tailored training modules.


The platform underwent customization to reflect Flow & Co.’s branding and studio offerings, delivering a cohesive learning experience for staff.

Staff Training

Training was provided to studio owners Tiff White and Sarah Rykers, alongside key staff members, on platform usage and administration.

Ongoing Support

Training Resource Solutions offered continual support, including regular check-ins, troubleshooting assistance, and platform updates to address evolving training needs.


The Results

The collaboration with Training Resource Solutions empowered Flow & Co. Pilates to surmount their training hurdles, achieving efficiency, consistency, and excellence in Pilates instruction across all studios, including the successful integration of Hot Mat Pilates.

The online training platform yielded several positive outcomes for Flow & Co. Pilates:

Smooth Onboarding

The platform streamlined the onboarding process for new staff, enabling swift acquisition of necessary skills.

Consistency in Instruction

Standardized training modules maintained consistency in instruction quality across all studios, bolstering the brand's reputation.

Increased Engagement

Interactive online courses enhanced staff engagement and participation, fostering improved knowledge retention and application.

Enhanced Efficiency and Consistency

Instructors reported heightened efficiency in onboarding and consistent training quality across all classes and locations.

Tangible Performance Improvements

Staff demonstrated improved performance and knowledge retention, resulting in elevated client satisfaction and studio reputation.

What the Flow & Co Pilates team say

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Tiff White, Founder & Co-owner

“The online training platform from Training Resource Solutions has been a game-changer for us. It’s intuitive to use and has allowed us to maintain consistency in our training standards across all our locations. Our instructors love the flexibility it offers, and we’ve seen a noticeable improvement in their performance.”

Sarah Rykers, Founder & Co-owner

“The platform has made it incredibly easy for us to keep our staff up-to-date with our policies and procedures. We can quickly create and update training materials as needed, ensuring everyone is on the same page. It’s been instrumental in streamlining our operations.”

The Conclusion

Flow & Co. Pilates’ partnership with Training Resource Solutions underscores a triumphant saga in overcoming multifaceted training challenges. By effectively onboarding new instructors, ensuring policy adherence, and maintaining consistent training standards across all studios, Flow & Co. Pilates has experienced remarkable enhancements in operational efficiency and instructor performance.
The platform seamlessly integrated into Flow & Co.’s training framework, fostering enhanced efficiency with new instructors swiftly adapting to teaching standards. With the ability to create and update training materials internally, Flow & Co. Pilates ensures alignment with evolving policies, nurturing a culture of compliance and professionalism among staff.

By empowering staff with tailored online courses and robust progress tracking, Flow & Co. Pilates cements its status as an industry leader, poised for continued growth and success.

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