Online Training Platform for RTOs

Streamline Online Training with Our User-Friendly Course Builder and Comprehensive LMS

We provide you with an all-in-one online training platform featuring the world’s easiest course-builder with all the features of an awesome LMS (Learning Management System) to ensure learner engagement and tracking.

It’s easy to follow design and seamless interface make it the perfect online training platform for trainers and learners to get the best out of their teaching and learning.

We offer you a wide range of options depending on your needs and student numbers with a whole lot of room to grow.

Our platform is self-serviceable, so you won’t need too much help to get set up, but we do have a world-class support team ready to help you if you do need it!

Create exceptional online training

Create your own impactful online training resources without the need to outsource. We provide you with the smartest authoring tool on the market so that you can create interactive online training resources using your existing content.

Seamless assessment and support tools

Simplify assessments, save time, and offer a smooth experience for both learners and assessors through our interactive auto-marking quizzes, suggested answer samples and an exceptional assessment builder.

Hassle-free enrolling

Enrol your learners in cohorts or individually and assign them units on a single basis or provide them with their entire course of units all at once. Depending on your needs, you decide how your learners are enrolled.

Comprehensive reporting

Keep up-to-date with your student's progress throughout their training with a wide range of reporting options ranging from learner reports, group reports, and course reports. Granular insights by courses, lessons, quizzes, assignments and more.

Integrate with your tech stack

Connect your platform with the tools you already use in your organisation to support, automate, and scale workflows. Enrol, invite, sell, notify, embed, sync, report - with the robust API, anything is possible!

Deliver a branded experience

Your platform should match your brand. We give you the tools to customize every aspect of your online training platform from the colours and logo to the URL that your learners are directed to, so you can deliver a branded experience to your users.

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