Stories are part of teaching

Vocational education students have their own unique needs that make teaching vocational education different to teaching other forms of education. A vocational education student is seeking to directly relate what they are learning to how to perform the work in their chosen field.

Training materials, be they purchased from a supplier such as Training Resource Solutions, another commercial supplier or they have been developed by the RTO or trainer for their own use, are all written to include all the criteria in the training package for that unit. Well-written training resources communicate all that theory in a language that students can relate to. But no matter how well written they are, and how up-to-date the information is, they usually struggle to convey the human element of working in a real job like a cook, shop assistant, hairdresser, carpenter, or warehouse worker.

This is where ‘stories’ come into play, good training will cover all the theory in the training resources and mix that information with anecdotes and stories from the working life of the trainer. As a chef for 18 years before I started training, I had a hundred stories I could inject into my training on every hospitality subject. Those stories gave me a much greater connection with my students and gave them real life examples of how to approach different circumstances. The good stuff that worked, my failures, the complaints we had to handle, the team breakdowns and the venue successes.

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