Superior Customer Service – A core hospitality skill and a way to save our industry

The last three years have been tough on everyone and especially those of us from the hospitality industry. Uncertainty, safety fears, lockdowns and work from home have taken a greater toll than we thought at the time. When we finally were allowed out and life started to get back to reasonably normal, many people including myself, noticed that people and many workers had turned inward and there was a clear deterioration in standards of customer service across all industries.

Now we find ourselves in a high inflation, high rent and cost of living crisis that is very real and very confronting. In these circumstances it will be natural for consumers to reduce or eliminate as much as possible discretionary spending such as eating out, traveling, or going to a bar. Cooking and drinking at home looks like it may devastate our industry once again.

So, what can we do as hospitality workers and hospitality trainers? Now more than ever we need to emphasize and deliver a superior and highly professional standard of customer service. This can give people a reason to open the front door, venture out to a venue and spend money to keep us all in a job. Superior customer service is the one things you cannot get at home and the magic ingredient for a great day or evening out.

So, at this moment, hospitality trainers should not just teach customer service skills, but they need to ambassadors for a superior, personal, attentive and feel-good customer service as a way to protect the industry we love, the venues we treasure, our jobs and way of life. Make our venues so good, they are irresistible.

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